Cimphony is a model-driven, multi-platform power system data management and analysis application utilising the OSGi modular system and an Eclipse-based user interface. The core Cimphony modules provide model-independent services for:

  • Data management and editing
  • OCL-driven validation
  • Model-driven transformation
  • Distributed database persistence
  • Graphical visualisation
  • Geographical export using KML

The model-driven architecture allows support for new formats and data models to be added to Cimphony® without requiring modification to the core frameworks. Support is already in-place for a number of data models including established open standards such as CIM (multiple versions including ENTSO-E profiles), MultiSpeak and IEC61850; or proprietary formats such as PSS/E (v30-31) and extended standard models such as that used at ERCOT. Transformation and validation services using these models are defined using OMG standard languages allowing the rapid development of transformation mappings between data models.