Common Information Model

Cimphony currently supports the core functionality required for managing the exchange of CIM data, including support for CIM v10-15 (plus v16 draft) and associated modules:

  • Full dataset RDF XML import/export
  • Incremental dataset Difference Model RDF XML import/export/generation and merging
  • Profiled importing and exporting and transparent inter-dataset dependencies
  • ENTSO-E Profiles and model authority set support
  • IEC 61970-452/456 CPSM Profile
  • IEC 61968-13 CDPSM Profile
  • IEC 61970-552 Header model support including dependency verification
  • Preliminary support for draft IEC 61970-453 CIM Graphics Exchange standard

Cimphony will continue to support the latest versions of the CIM in addition to other IEC and industry standards.  Open Grid Systems is committed to continuing involvement with future interoperability tests while supporting the international standards process through active participation at the working group level.