User Interfaces

Cimphony  can be run on Windows, Linux or Apple OS X. As well as providing a UI for the validation, transformation, import/export and difference model functions, it provides an infinite-tree model-driven browser, as well as geographical and schematic editors.

Cimphony Browser

The Cimphony Browser is an infinite tree browser for navigating through power system data.  It includes support for CIM RDF XML, PSS/E, IEEE Common Data Format and GridLAB-D Distribution networks.  The browser allows the user to view and edit data from multiple sources in a common view following any navigation paths through the data with common interfaces and icons.

Geographical Editor

The Geographical Editor provides a rich Google Maps driven interface for building, editing and visualising geographical network data within Cimphony. The editor is integrated with the Cimphony Browser and Validation views, with real-time synchronisation between the interfaces.

The interface supports multiple geographical coordinate systems; uses a template-driven, plugin architecture to enable pre-defined network components to be used to quickly build networks; and supports IEC 61968-13 (Common Distribution Power System Model)

Schematic Editor

The Single Line Diagram Editor provides a model-driven graphical editor with support for the new IEC 61970-453 (CIM Diagram Layout) standard.  The editor can be used to build new networks; edit existing network diagrams or to visualise other diagrams exported in a standard format.

The editor integrates with the Cimphony Browser to allow drag-and-drop placement of components from its tree view.